About VIII Fine Jewelry

1. How did VIII Fine Jewelry come to be?

Inspired by the prestigious legacy of Palm Beach, our mission is to craft modern heirlooms that epitomize individuality and distinction. We blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create timeless treasures.

2. Who are the visionaries behind VIII Fine Jewelry?

The creative forces behind VIII Fine Jewelry are father and son, Jack and Nicholas Cosentino. Their dedication to excellence and craftsmanship infuses each piece with unmatched artistry and integrity.

3. What is the significance of the name VIII?

The name "VIII," represented by the Roman numeral for eight, carries a multitude of meanings that resonate with our brand ethos. Symbolizing infinity, balance, and prosperity, it aligns with our dedication to creating jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful. Our collections, including VIII, Monogram, Poinciana, and Constellation, each reflect this philosophy, offering unique designs intended to be cherished as modern-day heirlooms.

Our Collection

4. What materials are utilized in VIII Fine Jewelry pieces?

We use only the finest materials, including 18K gold and precious gems, ensuring each piece meets our uncompromising standards of quality.

5. Are all VIII Fine Jewelry pieces designed to be unisex?

Yes, our collections offer versatility and elegance with a unisex appeal that transcends traditional boundaries.

6. How can I ensure the perfect fit for my jewelry?

For the ideal fit, please consult our sizing guide or contact our dedicated concierge for personalized assistance.

The Unparalleled Uniqueness of VIII Fine Jewelry

7. What does one-of-a-kind or limited edition mean?

Each piece is uniquely crafted, either to stand alone or in limited quantities, maintaining exclusivity and setting them apart from conventional offerings.

8. What contributes to the uniqueness of each piece?

Our passion for perfection drives our design process, where we select ethically sourced materials and incorporate handcrafted details, making each piece a distinct work of art.

9. How do you ensure the uniqueness of each piece?

Our rigorous design process, involving multiple iterations and meticulous quality checks, ensures that each piece of VIII Fine Jewelry not only meets but exceeds our exacting standards of uniqueness and quality.

Care and Maintenance

10. How should I care for my VIII Fine Jewelry pieces?

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, please follow our detailed Care and Use guidelines.

Purchasing and Shipping

11. How can I acquire VIII Fine Jewelry?

Explore our collection online or schedule an in-person appointment for a bespoke shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

12. What is your return policy?

Committed to the exclusivity and integrity of our pieces, all sales are final on custom or engraved pieces. We do accept returns & exchanges up to 7 days from receipt of shipment. We encourage you to contact our concierge service for guidance before making your purchase.